Item Processing

We partner with top of the line service providers to supply our members with the most innovative and comprehensive products and services the industry has to offer.  Today, technology is adapting and changing at a rapid rate and paper processing is almost obsolete.  To stay up on today's technology, Item Processing is conducted mostly electronically and images are stored in online image libraries.

Item Processing offers a wide variety of options to suit any credit union's needs.  In addition to transmission of daily clearings, some options available are:  trucation, automated returns, large item return notification and qualified return check auto re-deposits.


Credit Union Testimonials:

"Corporate Central has been great to work with for our Item Processing.  If we have ever needed help with any research item, they have been prompt to get the information we needed for the member."

$57 Million Credit Union

"We have used Corporate Central for our Item Processing for many years and are very satisfied with their service.  Our files are always available in a timely fashion and ready for download.  If we have any questions, Corporate Central representatives are always ready and willing to assist.  I would highly recommend Corporate Central's Item Processing service for any credit union looking for a good partner."

$32 Million Credit Union

"The process is very easy and self-explanatory.  Corporate Central and their Item Processing partner are always accessible and nice to work with!"

$1.1 Billion Credit Union


Image Archive

Image Archive is a program offered in conjunction with Item Processing.  Our program gives you the means to obtain clear images
of members' items via CD-ROM.  Member share draft images can be located in seconds and viewed, both front and back, as well as printed or faxed directly from your computer.  In addition, your images can be stored in an image library that is accessible 24x7 through our secure website.

Image Retrieval

Image Retrieval allows you to access corporate checks or member share draft images 24x7 directly from the Internet.  It is a great resource that can be used to help members right from the teller window.  Not only are there a variety of search criteria, but the images display with digital clarity and can be downloaded in several formats for cutting and pasting, faxing or emailing.


  • Programs can be customized to meet your budgets and needs
  • Full back-office support (follow-up, source documentation and research)
  • Original drafts or photocopies provided upon request
  • Industry leading image technology designed to dynamically change based upon your needs

Please contact your Relationship Development Officer to learn more about Item Processing.


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