Image Cash Letter

Corporate Central offers a complete package to handle all your image presentment needs, as well as, all your items that are not image-able. Our services enable you to tap into the largest image exchange network in the world. You reap the benefits of the largest scale exchanges without the expense of a large scale operation. In addition to immediate availability of funds and low processing costs, our Image Cash Letter (ICL) solution provides for the processing of foreign items, savings bonds and all non image-able items.


  • All in pricing, including image receipt, image archive, image exchange, image replacement document creation (when necessary), image retrieval and complete processing.
  • Unbeatable immediate availability of funds – ICL files transmitted to our processing center settle directly into your account earning immediate dividends.
  • Dramatic reduction in adjustments for encoding errors and missing items.
  • No more encoding – automatic digital image encoding using courtesy and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR) technology to recognize and encode the dollar amount value.
  • Eliminate courier expenses for check delivery.
  • Process the entire day’s work – no early cut-off to prepare cash deposits. Files can be transmitted 24x7. For next day, credit files can be transmitted as late as 9:00pm CT.
  • Flexible processing of multiple branch deposits – branch work can be consolidated then transmitted, or transmitted autonomously from each location.
  • Immediate archive with seven-year retention and instant online retrieval of deposit images.
  • Process and send files from anywhere in the world.

Please contact your Relationship Development Officer to learn more about Image Cash Letter.


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