Funds Transfer Services

Wires & Commerical Money Orders

Whether you are moving funds to your Corporate Central investment, settlement or loan account; or you are redirecting funds to another institution; making account deposits and withdrawals are vital to your daily operation. Our full-service robust wire room is designed to meet all your Funds Transfer needs. There are four primary classifications for managing your operations and Funds Transfer needs: Direct Wires, Third-Party Wires, Commercial Money Orders and International Wires.

Direct Wires

Direct Wires can be initiated from Corporate Central to another institution or sent to Corporate Central from another institution. Direct Wires are very timely and should be used whenever you are transferring large dollar amounts. Direct Wires out of Corporate Central can be initiated through Corporate CAFÉ directly out of your Plateau or Premier Account. Wires sent to Corporate Central will settle directly into your Plateau or Premier Account.

Third-Party Wires

Third-Party Wires are necessary when you need to transfer funds to other institutions for your members. Third-Party Wires can be initiated, verified and sent safely through Corporate CAFÉ to almost anywhere in the world.

Commercial Money Orders

Commercial Money Orders (CMO) provide a fast and simple way to transfer funds for your members and they are easy for recipients to pick up. Recipients simply supply the appropriate security information to a Western Union agent and receive the funds.

International Wires

As business and travel needs expand worldwide, it becomes critical for credit unions to equip members with comprehensive, low-cost solutions for sending foreign and U.S. funds abroad. International Wires provide the global link our members need to stay connected across borders and overseas. There are two types of International Wires:

  • Foreign Currency – Wires converted to foreign currency prior to sending and destined for direct credit in a foreign currency account at a foreign institution
  • U.S. Dollar – Wires sent in U.S. currency and destined for a U.S. currency account at a foreign institution

We have been providing Funds Transfer Services for decades. Incorporated with our wire room operations are all the security and safety measures you need to be confident when sending or receiving funds electronically. Our systems are regularly and routinely tested and are complete with all the regulatory requirements pertaining to OFAC and BSA. Like all of our operations, Funds Transfer Services are backed by a comprehensive Business Recovery Center to ensure seamless processing.


  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you with your Funds Transfer needs and questions
  • Online tools like Corporate CAFÉ to empower you with the ability to manage your credit union’s resources and funds
  • Training and education to keep you informed of new development options for transferring funds electronically

Please contact your Relationship Development Officer to learn more about Funds Transfer Services.


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