FedGlobal® ACH

“FedGlobal ACH is a fantastic tool that has allowed our credit union to offer our members a cost effective alternative to send money internationally. It is faster and easier than a wire and allows members to send money safely and securely. From the vacationer to the study abroad student, our members truly appreciate this service.” -- $250M Credit Union


As global payment needs expand for financial institutions, Corporate Central Credit Union is pleased to offer a FedGlobal® Interface, a streamlined cross-border payment process to help meet those growing needs. This ACH service simplifies the origination process for sending cross-border payments around the world. As a result, this unique interface with FedGlobal® ACH Payments provides an intuitive and efficient international ACH Origination process while adding flexibility to how your credit union can manage foreign payment transmissions.

About FedGlobal® ACH Payments:

The Federal Reserve Banks’ FedGlobal® ACH Payments service offers an efficient means for sending cross-border ACH credit payments to more than 25 countries around the world, plus debit payments to Canada only.

FedGlobal® Interface’s wizard based template creation process makes it easy to originate and transmit cross-border payments for account to account or account to receiver transactions. As part of the COACH III System, FedGlobal® Interface offers the benefits of complete reporting, total disbursement control, streamlined processing and cost savings when compared to traditional money transfer processes.

All of Corporate Central’s payments modules in the COACH III System include integrated printable disclosures and reporting to help your credit union maintain compliance requirements as regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Reg. E.



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