Corporate Checking Services

Corporate Checking Services allow you to pay your credit union’s bills and make member disbursements with checks drawn on your own interest earning Plateau or Premier Account. A detailed listing of all checks that clear your Plateau or Premier Account can be viewed through Corporate CAFÉ. Stop payment orders, copy requests and images of cleared checks can also be viewed through Corporate CAFÉ. Corporate Checking Services come with the following convenient options:

Corporate Checking Plus

With Corporate Checking Plus, your credit union will receive a monthly CD filled with images of your cleared checks, front and back. This option allows you to research items using viewing software that provides indexing capabilities for quick look-up of your long-term storage items.

Automated Reconciliation

Automated Reconciliation is automatically available to all users and is designed to simplify your reconciliation process. Cleared check information can be easily downloaded from Corporate CAFÉ and imported into your in-house reconciliation program.

In addition to your Corporate Checking Account, you also have the flexibility to offer a wide range of product variations to meet all your checking needs. The following enhancements come with the same features and functionality as Corporate Checking; and all are conveniently managed through Corporate CAFÉ.



Cashier’s Checks

Cashier’s Checks are considered “accepted” when issued and therefore they are actually promissory notes of the credit union. Cashier’s Checks should be treated with the same care as cash, since the funds are considered guaranteed. Non-payment of a Cashier’s Check could carry legal consequences for your credit union.

Certified Checks

Certified Checks are checks that the issuing credit union has “certified” to the payee that funds have been set aside to pay the item. Non-payment of a Certified Check could carry legal consequences for your credit union.

Money Orders

Money Orders can be written against your Plateau or Premier Account with the same advantages as corporate checks. Our program does not set maximum dollar limits for Money Orders; however, your credit union may set limits per your own policies. Money Orders are truncated, so you must maintain a copy for your records. Blank Money Orders should be carefully secured. Non-payment of a Money Order could carry legal consequences for your credit union.

Corporate Checking Services are designed to simplify and improve the management of your credit union’s checking account and checking services.


  • All items clear through your interest paying Plateau or Premier Account
  • All items are imaged and archived for convenient access 24x7 through Corporate CAFÉ
  • All cleared items can be downloaded from Corporate CAFÉ for automated reconciliation
  • Wide variety of enhancements available and accessible through Corporate CAFÉ
  • All items can be delivered via CD for convenient retrieval and long-term retention

Please contact your Relationship Development Officer to learn more about Corporate Checking Services.


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