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ACH Solutions provides members with a state of the art system that allows you to originate and receive ACH using one comprehensive tool.  COACH III offers a flexible, user-friendly and low cost solution for ACH origination and receipt designed specifically for credit unions.  COACH III offers exceptional functionality, giving you a choice in the level of operational control and monitoring.  The software is built with Internet-based technology, making it easy to integrate with other applications and the application is all-inclusive; you do not have to purchase separate modules.


  • Turnkey solution eliminating the need for maintaining hardware, software and operations support.
  • Browser based flexibility over a secured Internet connection allowing any contingency processing facility.
  • Ability to allow Select Employer Groups (SEGs) to connect from their office to view and process information, which is a great advantage and service to offer business members.
  • Warehousing capabilities for ACH origination files.
  • Tools to view file status, query trace and research items anytime, anywhere.
  • Daily reports available for recordkeeping, cash management and risk management.

Corporate CAFÉ

Corporate CAFÉ is a superior system that allows you to access your account information and complete all your corporate transactions.


  • Screens have a Windows look and feel.  Instead of scrolling through HTML pages, screens are designed to fit the page with the information you need to perform your inquiries and transactions.
  • Customizable homepage for each user.  Set the common activities that make sense for you – easy access to all the tools you need and the functions you perform most often.
  • Ease of navigation.  Moving from one function to another is just a click of a button.
  • Increased functionality.  Corporate CAFÉ features sort options, drill down detail capabilities, customized queries to locate specific information and download capabilities to export query results to an excel.csv file for sorting and filtering data.
  • Flexibility.  Corporate CAFÉ is designed to meet the ever changing needs of members.

Security Safekeeping

Selecting safe, sound investments is the key to a successful credit union investment portfolio.  Just as important is selecting a safe and sound provider for settlement and safekeeping of your investments.  Through our Security Safekeeping program, your credit union has access to convenient, dependable settlement and safekeeping of your investment securities through a program managed by highly rated financial institutions.

Safety, administrative support and service are what make our program unique.  Virtually any security is eligible for the program, regardless of its amount or maturity.  Securities are accepted and delivered based solely on your instructions and you receive confirmations of all your transactions.


  • You retain ownership and control of your securities at all times.
  • Thorough documentation of your securities inventory, timely market valuations and results on all activity are provided.

Please contact your Relationship Development Officer to learn more about applications.


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