FRB Discount Window

Corporate Central established a correspondent arrangement with the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) that enables members to settle their FRB Discount Window credit through their Corporate Central account.  The correspondent arrangement establishes Corporate Central as the settlement point and enables established members to request advances from and make payments to the FRB and settle those transactions through Corporate Central.

For more information about this service, we recommend visiting the FRB Discount Window website at  The site has a lot of useful information as well as additional resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

To establish Corporate Central as a correspondent to facilitate your FRB Discount Window settlement, your credit union will need to complete the appropriate agreements and submit them to the FRB.  The required agreements are located on the FRB website under agreements.

Corporate Central will need to sign the Letter of Agreement to Correspondent Credit and Payment Agreement before you submit your agreements to the FRB.

This agreement should be mailed to:

Member Services
Corporate Central Credit Union
6262 South Lowell Place
Muskego, WI  53150

Please contact our Investment Department to learn more about the FRB Discount Window.


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