Variable Account

A Variable Account is a short-term floating rate investment account with a commitment of at least 30-days. At the end of the commitment period, the funds are automatically transferred to your settlement account. There is a minimum investment amount of $1,000 and early withdrawals are subject to penalty.

The Variable Account offers higher yields than settlement accounts with a shorter commitment. Funds will be transferred to the settlement account upon expiration, unless they are extended by the member.

Variable Account Rates and Calculations:

Dividend Rate: The Variable Account offers a yield that mirrors current market rates. The Dividend rate is declared by approximately 3:00pm CT each business day. The dividend rate for a non-business day is the same as the previous business day.

Dividend Payment: Dividends are paid and posted on the last business day of the month.

Dividend Calculations: Dividends are calculated on an actual (365-day) basis.

Please contact our Investment Department to learn more about the Variable Account.


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