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"SimpliCD is quick and easy. Plus, I’m working with a trusted partner. Just a few minutes on the phone to discuss specific needs and I’m provided with the best offerings in the market. Settlement is automatic and documentation is comprehensive – both great features of the program. It’s a product we will continue to use within our investment portfolio." --$60M Credit Union


"SimpliCD allows us to us to place our credit union liquid funds in safe hassle free investments. The busy work is reduced without a significant increase in expenses. The entire SimpliCD investment process is smooth and easy. The process eliminates uncertainty. We really like the monthly consolidated reports, no transaction fees, the flexible terms, and single wire transfer to invest in multiple CDs. If we are looking for the best rates on jumbo CDs, we will look at SimpliCD first." -- $150M Credit Union


"Couldn’t be easier! A simple phone call to CCCU investment personnel and they provide me with rates and terms in consultative manner. I especially appreciate this approach because the credit union doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Many of the online services are just that. Once a decision is made, it’s seamless from there. Settlement occurs automatically, confirmations are received and comprehensive statements facilitate accurate accounting and recordkeeping." --$60M Credit Union


SimpliCD is a certificate of deposit (CD) program, managed by Primary Financial Company, LLC, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned by members of the Corporate Credit Union Network including Corporate Central. SimpliCD enables members to easily invest substantial funds in federally insured CDs. This turnkey program combines the security of CD investing with the advantages of competitive rates and consolidating reporting.


  • Every day, SimpliCD searches its nationwide network of issuers for the best rates on federally insured jumbo CDs.
  • Rates are available for CDs in terms ranging from one-month to five-years and in amounts ranging from $99,000 to $20 million.
  • Placements are made by purchasing multiple CDs in $99,000 and $250,000 increments at separately insured issuers. A detailed tracking system ensures that no more than the Standard Maximum Deposit Insurance Amount of principal is placed in any single financial institution within the SimpliCD program.
  • SimpliCD purchases the CDs in a custodial capacity on your behalf, passing all federal insurance benefits through to you so that you remain the legal owner of the CDs.


  • SimpliCD tracks, monitors and collects all of your earnings. Participants receive a single consolidated monthly interest payment for all SimpliCD investments that are due interest that month.
  • SimpliCD purchases may settle anywhere from same day to 16 days. The transfer of funds will continue to be the same as other SimpliCD transactions.
  • Purchases and redemptions through the SimpliCD program will be reflected on the same Investor Daily Transaction Statements.


  • You receive a monthly Investment and Interest Summary that details all of your accrued interest and investment activity for all certificates. The summary will include DTC CDs even though the interest payment frequency on DTC CDs can be quarterly, semi-annual, annual or at maturity.


SimpliCD is a convenient way to invest in federally insured jumbo CDs with minimal effort. Eliminate the hassle and time involved in investigating potential issuers and purchasing the CDs yourself. When you start investing through SimpliCD, your life gets a little less complicated.

  • No more phone calls to multiple issuers to find competitive rates
  • No more multiple wire transfers to invest in multiple CDs
  • Flexible terms and amounts that fit into your investment strategy
  • Free third-party performance reviews on SimpliCD issuers that help you make more informed investment decisions
  • Single transaction settlement with no transaction fees
  • Consolidated monthly reports for easier accounting and auditing
  • The security of investing with federally insured institutions

Please contact our Investment Department to learn more about SimpliCD Investing.


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