Premier Investment Suite

The Premier Investment Suite is a self-directed, self-managed package of services that gives you the opportunity to allocate funds between settlement, investment and loan accounts to maximize returns. You have easy access to excellent overnight rates and the lowest overnight loan rates Corporate Central has to offer. Detailed statements of settlement activity are available online and Member Services can be reached during business hours if you have any questions. Dividends and interest charges are calculated on an actual (365-day) basis for all services within the Premier Investment Suite and are posted or billed to the Premier Settlement Account.

Premier Settlement Account

The Premier Settlement Account is the transactional account for all daily settlement activities of the Premier Investment Suite. Dividends are lower than other overnight investment alternatives with Corporate Central. Funds can be transferred to alternative investment accounts until 3:00pm CT each business day. Funds are moved by authorized personnel at your credit union, or you can call Member Services to request a transfer. Dividends on all investments and interest payments for all loans are settled in and from this account.

Premier Investment Account

The Premier Investment Account offers you higher earning potential for overnight funds with few restrictions. The Premier Investment Account pays higher dividends on larger deposits giving you the capability to invest more and earn more. Funds must be transferred into this account by 3:00pm CT to earn the dividend overnight.

Managed Loan

A Managed Loan is a self-advanced loan used to fund the Premier Settlement Account if drawn negative. The loan must be paid off manually by authorized personnel at the credit union. Interest is due upon payment of the loan. The Managed Loan offers the lowest overnight loan rates offered by Corporate Central.

Automatic Loan

When a Premier Settlement Account is negative and a Managed Loan is not advanced by the credit union, an Automatic Loan will be utilized to cover the shortfall. The Automatic Loan must be paid off manually by the credit union and interest is due upon payment of the loan. Overnight rates are higher for Automatic Loan advances.

Please contact our Investment Department to learn more about the Premier Investment Suite.


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