Money Market Account

The Money Market Account is an account that requires a minimum of $2 million in order to earn a dividend. Dividends will progressively increase depending on the amount deposited. There are no limits on deposits; however, withdrawals are limited to three per month. Excess withdrawals will be subject to penalty.

The Money Market Account offers higher yields on liquid funds. Deposits have no minimum duration. As an added benefit, the Money Market Account offers tiered rates; giving members the capability to invest and earn more.

Money Market Account Rates and Calculations:

Dividend Rate: The dividend rate is a tiered structure. The dividend rate earned each day will be the balance weighted average of that day’s tiered rates. Rates will be published by approximately 3:00pm CT each business day. The dividend rate for a non-business day is the same as the previous business day. The account will have the following tiers:

  • <$2.5 million
  • $2.5 million +
  • $5 million +
  • $10 million +
  • $30 million +

Dividend Payment: Dividends are paid and posted on the last business day of the month.

Dividend Calculations: Dividends are calculated on an actual (365-day) basis.

Please contact our Investment Department to learn more about the Money Market Account.


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