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I-Care - Group Health Insurance Program for Credit Unions


I-Care was established in 2015 through a credit union driven collaborative initiative to take control of the increasing challenges to provide affordable, sustainable healthcare coverage for employees.  Brought to you through Corporate Central's CUSO, InterLutions, I-Care partners with credit unions to deliver an innovative group program offering the following key attributes:


Credit Union Testimonials:

"Moving to I-Care was transparent to our employees, seamless to HR, and reduced our health insurance fixed costs by over 25% compared to our former long-term provider.  In working with I-Care, we maintained total control over our plan design and were able to utilize the providers and networks we wanted."

David Powers, Chief Financial Officer
$3 billion Landmark Credit Union

"We knew at some point it would be in our best interest to move to a self-funded program.  I-Care gave us the ability to do that, and in turn, be a part of a cooperative program which is really what credit unions are all about."

Terri Green, AVP of Human Resources
$1.1 billion Fox Communities Credit Union

"By partnering with I-Care and other credit unions in the program, we are able to pool some of our risk and smooth out the financial impacts from year to year.  We were also able to customize the program to fit our needs."

John Ehmann, Chief Financial Officer
$300 million Kohler Credit Union



Reduced Cost ™™
  • Many credit unions realize 10-30% savings in year one, growing further over the long term.
Reduced Risk ™™
  • By collaborating with other credit unions and pooling the risk, the law of large numbers makes the program more
Sustainability ™™
  • By developing a long-term platform to deliver quality health benefit plans, credit unions have an alternative to the
    constantly changing standard healthcare insurance market.
Flexibility ™™
  • Each credit union can choose from multiple networks, while individually determining their plan design and
    co-pay-deductible structure to best meet the needs of their employees.

Participation Criteria:

  • Over 50 insured employees.
  • Fully insured and self-funded programs are eligible.
  • Willing to collaborate toward creating a long-term healthcare solution for credit unions.

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